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After-sales service
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After-sales service

Hengyi provides you with high-quality products while making the following commitments in the after-sales service:

First, the "three packs" is implemented for the sold product. In the shelf life, if there is a problem caused by product manufacturing quality, the company is responsible for free maintenance, replacement,

Return. For issues caused for other reasons, the company actively assisted users to solve the problem to ensure that the product was transported and the loss rate was lowered.

Second, the installation of large equipment, debug on-site technical services, the company will be able to bring team-to-door services by the deputy chief engineer to solve the various problems of the user.

Third, if the product is installed, if there is leakage, the company is responsible for processing.

4. Establish a product user file, regularly implement quality tracking, and continuous improvement.

5. Cooperate with users to do a good job in transformer on-site operation and maintenance management.

6. Adhere to the principle of "quality first, customer first", give a reply within 4 hours of receiving the user's notice, and rush to the scene in time according to user requirements. 

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