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GCS low pressure extraction set switch equipment high and low voltage complete sets of equipment

2021-12-22 17:03:37

Characteristics of GCS low-voltage extraction switchgear


The GCS type communication low-voltage power cabinet is designed and developed by the two joint design and development groups of the Power Industry and the Machinery Industry, and is used as the bureau-level assessment of the Hall of the Electric Industry and the Machinery Industry, and is widely used in the substation. The processing plant, factory mine enterprise, building customers exchange 50Hz, rated working standard voltage exchange 380V, rated operating current to 4000A low voltage distribution system. 


2.GCS cabinets are selected in a universal cabinet, and other cabinet assembly constitutes a low voltage distribution system.

3. The entire cabinet structure is assembled with a cold curved steel having a thickness of 2.5 mm. The cabinet is stamped with a cold rolled steel sheet having a thickness of 1.5 mm. To ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet.

4. Perfect function. The drawer cabinet control panel has a score marking and experimental site, a protective site, a slumulating site, a sufficient secondary connector, which can achieve an electronic computer jack manipulation or automation control control circuit to adjust the adjustment of the contact.

5. High safety factor. The role of the equipment is protected by each other, and its compartment is divided into a functional module room, the bus bar, the cable chamber, and each room is not related to each other. Each electrical equipment module exclies a cell compartment, the compartment. Side door is equipped with a mechanical equipment chain Franchise equipment, the switching power supply in the room is not removed, the compartment door cannot be opened. Improve the possibility of misuse. 



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