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Amorphous alloy dry transformer

2021-12-22 16:53:16

This product is a fuel oil seal. The principle is the same as a sealed power transformer. The base element of the amorphous alloy is iron, nickel, cobalt, silicon, boron, carbon or the like. It is a soft magnetic material to the same property, a small magnetization power, there is no structural defect that hinders the movement of the domain wall, only 0.027 mm, and the filling coefficient is small, only 0.75 ~ 0.8, the resistivity is very high, and is silicon steel. 3 to 6 times the board, hardness is 5 times the silicon steel sheet, and the amorphous alloy material is particularly sensitive to stress. 


Calculation formula of load rate of amorphous alloy dry transformers:

(1) Load rate = a certain period (such as one month, one week) average load ÷ this time period is larger;

(2) Average load = a certain period of time system software is operating in this time period.

The amorphous alloy transformer has been known that the three-phase current is each a = 108.3a, b = 102.9a, c = 72.6a, and the amorphous alloy transformer is more load current and load rate.

Solution: I have known that the standard 100kva is considered at power, and immediately uses it in power calculation. It cannot be converted into power factors.

A larger load current is a current that can operate for a long time, and cannot exceed the rated current of the amorphous alloy substrate. I = 100 / 1.732 × 0.4 = 144A;

The load rate is equivalent to the rating current in addition to the rated current. Amorphous alloy substrate load rate = (108 + 103 + 73) / 3/144 = 66% 

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