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XGN15-12 AC metal closed ring switch equipment

2021-12-22 17:10:32

AC metal closed switch equipment characteristics

1. The power supply switch, actual operation organization and electronic devices use ABB's SFL or China R & D manufactured FL (R) N36-12D switch cabinet, or according to customer needs skills to add some ABB genuine HAD / US SF6 isolation switch or VD4-S high voltage circuit breaker, the actual operation method can be divided into manual, electric type. 


2, the cabinet is used for the imported 2MM thickness of aluminum cold-rolled steel sheet, which is formed after the number of control lathes, the waterproof level is IP3X, and there is a reliable mechanical interlock and anti-operation function, and the rear plate has two work. The pressure releases holes, one place for the cable room, and the other for high pressure load switches / busbar. The secondary structure can ensure a reliable safety and operation facilities.

3. Each space is independent, including busbar, cable room, low pressure chamber, and instrument room. 

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