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MNS low voltage extraction switchgear

2021-12-22 17:09:43

MNS low pressure extraction switchgear is suitable for communication 50Hz, rated work standard voltage 660V and the following system. As a control system for a variety of power generation, power distribution, power distribution equipment, power conversion, and electric energy consumption machinery, can generally be used in distributive room systems such as mineral enterprises, building hotels, municipal management. In addition to general landing, after special treatment, it can also be used in sea petroleum drilling platforms and nuclear power plants. 



1. Design compact: to accumulate more of a more role in a smaller space.

2. Strong structural versatility, uniformity, C-type aluminum profile of 25 mm is the change in variable coefficient, can comply with a variety of structural forms, waterproof levels, application conditions.

3. Design of standard module: Each can constitute a standard unit such as maintenance, actual operation, transformation, manipulation, adjustment, measurement, and marking. Customers can be assembled in accordance with the need to assemble, with more than 200 parts of the cabinet structure and drawer module.

4. Good security: A lot of high-toughness-fired rubber product parts, reasonable improvement of safety protection.

5. High technical performance: basic parameters are China's leading level.

6. Stability: With the ideal thermal cycle heat dissipation effect, the quality of the supply is guaranteed. 

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