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KYN28A-12 indoor metal armored medium-based switchgear

2021-12-22 17:07:44

Detailed introduction to metal armor in a single switch device

This device is an indoor metal armored medium-based switching device, a 3kV ~ 10kV three-phase communication communication, 50Hz single bus tank, and a single buswell opening system software. Metal armored medium-type switching equipment for power station. China gasoline generator closing. Power-to-power. Closing and large and medium-sized high voltage motor started by industrial and mining enterprises. Implement the manipulation maintenance. The use of the test, metal armored medium-type switching equipment This machine device reaches GB3906.IEC298.DL / T404-91, etc. Avoid misreading the circuit breaker, avoiding the grounding device power switch to open the circuit breaker when the grounding device is in the contracted portion, avoiding the incorrect input of the power chamber to avoid chain functions such as the power switch of the grounding device when inductive. The VS1 vacuum pump circuit breaker can be applied, and VSD4 vacuum pump circuit breakers can be applied, and there is a functional high quality distribution device. 


Metal armor in a system of environmental conditions

◇ Ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 40 ° C

◇ Relative humidity: daily average ≤ 95% monthly average ≤90%

◇ Altitude: ≤1000 m

◇ Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degrees

◇ The surrounding air should not be obviously polluted by corrosive or flammable gases, water vapor.

◇ Nothing and frequent violent dramatic vibration, severe cool design under severe conditions should meet 1 requirements

◇ Special use conditions can be concluded when ordering 

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