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GGD low voltage complete switch equipment

2021-12-22 17:06:17


The GGD type communication communication low-voltage distribution cabinet adopts a versatile cabinet with a 8MF cold-drawn steel partial welding welding, and has a 20-mode mounting hole and a high common factor. 


GGD type AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet fully takes into account the heat dissipation problem in the operation of the cabinet, on the cabinet, and there is a different number of heat dissipation slots to generate an air flow passage from the upper and lower, and arrive in heat dissipation. Location.

The instrument panel with electrical components is connected to the frame with the multi-core copper copper wire, and the assembly of the cabinet is connected to the frame, and the whole cabinet constitutes a complete ground protection circuit.

The surface of the cabinet uses electrostatic powder spraying processing technology, strong adhesion, good texture, and the whole cabinet is matte, avoiding a dazzling effect.

The waterproof level of the cabinet is IP30. 

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