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S11 oil immersed electric transformer

2021-12-22 17:05:07

product description

The S11-M series full-sealing oil immersion power transformer developed by the company has a low loss, low noise, and high efficiency, which can achieve good energy-saving effects and reduce pollution. Compared with ordinary oil immersed transformers, the total oil-immersed transformer canceled the oil storage cabinet, the volume of oil volume was adjusted by the ripple of the corrugated oil tank. The transformer and air separation, prevent and slow the deterioration of oil and the reduction of oil. Enhance operational reliability and operating properly.


The transformer core is stacked by cold-rolled silicon steel, which greatly reduces the no-load loss and no-load current, and is tied to the core to ensure the tightness of the core, and reduce noise.

The high and low pressure winding is resolved with an oxygen-free copper, and the low pressure winding 500kVA and the following use double-layer cylindrical structure, 630 kVa and above are used with double helix or helical structures, and the high pressure windings use a multilayer cylindrical structure.

The transformer coupling group uses DYNLL to reduce the impact of harmonics on the grid, and improve the quality of power supply.

The transformer is a full sealing structure, extending service life, free of hanging heart, free repair.

The measured noise is lower than the standard.

Execution standard

GB 1094 Power Transformer

GB / T15164 oil-immersed electric transformer load guide

GB / T6451 three-phase oil immersion power transformer technical parameters and requirements

GB 2536 transformer oil

GB 311.1 insulation cooperation with high voltage transmission

JB / T 501 power transformer test guide

GB 10237 Electric Transformer Insulation Level and Insulation Test Experimental Air Clearance

DL / T572 transformer operation procedures

Conditions of Use

Higher ambient temperature: +40

Lower ambient temperature: -25

Altitude: <l000m

Higher month average relative humidity: 90% (20)

Installation location: Installed in no fire, explosion risk, severe contamination, chemical corrosion and

Vibrates, indoor name outdoors.

technical parameter 



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