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European box change

2021-12-22 16:59:14

The European box varies are as follows:

1, advanced technology and reliable

The cabinet part uses domestic leading technologies and processes. The outer shell generally uses aluminized zinc plates, and the framework adopts standard container materials and manufacturing processes. It has good anti-corrosion resistance; the inner sealing plate uses an aluminum alloy plate, the interlayer adopts fire insulation material, in the box Install air conditioning and dehumidification devices, equipment operation is not affected by natural climate environments and external pollution, ensured that it is operating normally in harsh environments at -40 ° C ~ +40 ° C. 


2, high degree of automation

3, factory prefabrication

Factory prefabrication means that all equipment can be installed at a factory, commissioned, and truly realize the construction of substation in power generation, and shorten the design and manufacturing cycle.

4, combination method flexible

The European box variable structure is compact, each box constitutes a separate system, which makes the combination flexible, we can use the box, ie installed in all boxes of 35kV and 10KV equipment, constitute all European box substation; It is also possible to install, 10kV equipment and control system boxes in 35kV equipment.

5, invest in province, effective

The European box changed from the same size, a sub-substation of a substation reduction of 40% to 50%.

6, small floor area 

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