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European box change

2021-12-22 16:58:31

product description

Combined variable power station: combined and passed the set of equipment. Main components: transformers, high voltage switchgears and control equipment, low voltage switchgear and control equipment, corresponding internal cable (cable, busbar, and other) and auxiliary equipment. The combined substation can be operated from its internal or externally by a cable connection, and can be mounted on the ground or under the ground (part or all).


This product is a series of products that are self-designed based on the needs of urban and rural power grid construction. It has a small size, compact structure, short installation and debug cycle, which can replace the traditional substation (place). It can meet the requirements of user energy metering, reactive compensation, high, low voltage various programs, represent the development direction of small and medium-sized substation (the).

This product is suitable for industrial and mining companies, stations, terminals, airports, public places, high-rise buildings, and residential residential residential power users, which can be applied to network power supply and is also suitable for terminal power supply.

Conditions of Use

1. Installation location: Outdoor;

2, altitude: <1000m;

3, higher ambient temperature: + 40 ° C;

4, the average temperature of the high month: + 35 ° C;

5, average temperature in higher age: + 20 ° C;

6, lower ambient temperature: -25 ° C (outdoor);

7, larger day temperature difference: 25 ° C;

8, sunshine strength: 0.1 w / cm2 (0.5m / s);

9, contamination level: level III;

10, rainwater level: 3;

11, relative humidity: average the months: 90% (20 ° C);

Higher average daily average: 90% (20 ° C);

12, earthquake resistance: ground level acceleration is 0.2g;

Ground vertical acceleration 0.1g;

13. The inclination of the installation location: no more than 3 degrees.

Model meaning 

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