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Photovoltaic box

2021-12-22 16:57:37

Photovoltaic tank variable product characteristics

The substation structure is compact, covers a small area, the radiator is external, and the heat prevention effect is stronger.

Substation uses new types of transformer series products, reasonable and reliable. Insulating oil is used as an insulating substance of 10kV or 35kV side pressure components, a large decrease in reliable spacing.

The fuel tank uses a fully enclosed structure to make the oil and air blocking, which greatly reduces the intervention of air oxidation process and water vapor, enhances the stability, stability and stability of system-specific equipment, and uses a slice radiator, dismantling Convenient, easy to maintain. 


The cabinet uses a unique shot blasting process, with excellent corrosion resistance, anti-exposure capacity, can effectively resist the corrosion of dust.

The low voltage side is used in China's new full intelligence isolation, and the mold cutter air leakage switch is high, and the maintenance characteristics are good.

The transformer fuel tank can resett the air pressure meter and temperature meter with a communication port, and the high-pressure load switch can be modified for the limit switch, and the power transformer is carried out to carry out real-time monitoring, practical operation and maintenance.

The cabinet uses a sealed design, and the waterproof level can be used to do IP54. 

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