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YBWF wind wind power box

2021-12-22 16:56:45

YBWF Series Wind Power Transformer is a new product that is committed to wind power and is a complete product of overseas wind power, and integrates the true use of China's wind power generation. The transmissive is transmitted from a wind turbine from 0.6 to 0.69kV operating voltage to 10kV, and the power grid outputs professional equipment.

1. Smart Box Substation System

Power box wind power, smart box substation system software has complete equipment and complete equipment, small body, compact structure, high reliability, small on-site assembly labor, short installation adjustment cycle time short. 


At the same time, the intelligent effect is improved on the foundation of the general box substation. High-voltage low-voltage machine equipment is equipped with a corresponding sensor device, which combines electrical equipment once, secondary information, and fan manipulation information to centralize video surveillance systems, depending on the application of smooth and reliable measurement and control technology equipment. Reduce daily maintenance costs, improve the intelligent management capabilities and operational reliability of wind farms.

2. Enhance station automation system

The system has completed a variety of closed-loop control systems based on the provisions of the grid operation method. According to the supervision, accurate measurement, manipulation, record and alarm of key equipment, the system is completely automated, and communicates with the protection equipment and remote control. . 

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