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6KW-SVG box change

2021-12-22 16:55:56

The box substation is a high-pressure circuit breaker device, a power transformer and a low-voltage distribution equipment, and an outdoor fastened substrate is arranged in a factory prefabricated component. Blood pressure, low voltage distribution, etc., organically constitute it together, mounted in a waterproof, rust, anti-fouling, fly, fire safety, anti-theft, thermal insulation, full enclosure, movable steel frame body , Electromechanical integration, fully enclosed operation, especially suitable for urban network construction and transformation, a new substation of the rise of the rising soil after the power plant. 


There are two main applications of box substations:

First, mainly used in the city's residential area, and its street community, when used in the peak hours. It is necessary to improve the working voltage, you must use everyone's machinery and equipment-box substation.

The second, the key is suitable for temporary supply power, such as in the construction site, in the case of existing house buildings, you must update the modified motor equipment. In the process of outdoor work, it is often used in a box-type substation, for example: such as site, terminal, airport, etc. 

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