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Box type substation

2021-12-22 16:55:03

Low voltage distribution equipment in the box substation

According to the applications, the main wiring method is five flowers, typical planning programs are composed of offline cabinets. Outlet cabinet. Meter cabinet and reactive compensation cabinet. In the enabled cabinet with a total power switch, M.f.dw15.me.ah is used to control the supply and protection of the entire low voltage system. 


The outlet cabinet is equipped with a separate power switch, which can be used for TG.NS.SM30.DZ20, which is used to manipulate low voltage group outline power supply systems and maintenance, and the keyboard key is used to charge electricity consumption, and internal metering meter. Because of the calculation of economic development income, the cabinet must adopt anti-relief countermeasures, such as the use of hanging, the reactive compensation cabinet is mainly to compensate for power factors for power distribution systems, internal capacitors and automatic investment equipment, etc. . 

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