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Box type substation

2021-12-22 16:52:26

Box type substation, also called a box change. It is a high-pressure circuit breaker machinery, distribution transformers and low voltage distribution equipment, and the factory prefabricated components are arranged in a certain wiring plan, and the outdoor fastening substrate will be used to reduce blood pressure and low voltage distribution. Organic chemical composition is installed in a waterproof, anti-rust treatment, antifouling, fly, fire safety, anti-theft, thermal insulation, fully enclosed, movable steel frame, especially the basic construction of the city network Update transformation is a new substation of the rise after the Riscence Substation. 


Box Substation Applicable residential community, urban public change, hot market, engineering construction switching power supply, etc.

Since the birth of a box-type substation, the development trend is very fast, and it has been 70% of the distribution transformer in European capitalist countries. The United States has 90%. The rapid development of China's urban modernization, the continuous upgrading of urban distribution network will eventually obtain universal use. 

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