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Box substation manufacturer

2021-12-22 16:53:59

The transformer used in the box is a buck transformer, generally 10kV current to 380V / 220V for customers to apply. The volume of the transformer is generally 50-1600kVA, and the common volume is 250-630kVA, because the price is the price, most of which uses an oil transformer. 


In case of fire prevention requirements, a dry test transformer can be used. American boxes generally put transformers into closed boxes, in order to better solve the problem of exhausting, and often use two ventilation and forced ventilation. Taking into account the overall operation costs and stability, ventilation should be used, that is, the vents, pipelines, and 100-page windows, etc. of all box transformer housings are used.

Forced ventilation generally uses an exhaust fan that measures the fully automatic temperature measurement. Air conditioning units can also be used for advanced customers. Because the box substation is used outdoors, in order to avoid that the sunshine has increased the temperature of the transformer chamber, two-layer straight splint structure can be used, and the cover is used to construct a ventilation gas building with air cushions, and use insulation materials.

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