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H-class three-phase dry power transformer

2021-12-22 16:47:08

product description

Non-encapsulated coils produced by NOMEX insulation systems produced by US UL, with security, reliable, energy saving, fire prevention, explosion-proof, simple maintenance and other advantages.

Its design is advanced, reasonable, beautiful appearance, main performance indicators are superior to domestic standards, such as: the level, noise loss, load loss, noise, and adaptation to high humidity environment, can be installed near the lake, sea, The humid environment and fire prevention requirements are high, and the large load is high.

Suitable for high-rise buildings, airports, stations, terminals, subways, hospitals, power plants, metallurgical industries, shopping centers, residential intensive districts, and petrochemicals, nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines, etc.

Model meaning 




1. Carefully designed coil structure and vacuum impregnation process causes SG (B) 10 transformers without partial discharge generation, and without any cracking phenomenon, there is no inspection level without any cracking.

2, high pressure adopts continuous winding, low pressure foil, overall vacuum impregnation and curing treatment, and high-strength ceramic support, there is a good ability to bulk short-circuit current.

3, refirs, flame retardant, non-toxic, self-extinguishing, fireproof.

4, under high temperature miles, SG (B) 10 transformers have almost no smoke.

5, the transformer is an insulation of H-stage (180 ° C).

6, the insulating layer is very thin and uniform. The shortcoming capacity is extremely strong, no need for hard cooling, can 120% long-term overload, 140% overload 3 hours.

Since this insulating material is not aging and flexible, it can be added immediately under ± 50 ° C.

Conditions of Use

1. Ambient temperature: -50 ° C ~ ± 50 ° C.

2, altitude: ≤looom.

3. Other content that are specified in this technical condition, which is negotiated by the Ministry of Technical Department and indicates when ordering. 

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