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SCB13 dry power transformer

2021-12-22 16:45:48


Low loss: Product airborne loss is reduced by more than 20%, and the energy saving effect is excellent in energy conservation.

Low noise: product noise level than the current professional standard JB / T10088-1999 "6-220kV stage transformer sound level" low 10-15 decibels.

Low-China Put: The resin mixing material uses an advanced stirring process and a vacuum film degassing technique to stir the mixture and exclude bubbles in the mixture. The product is only very low partial discharge, which can be controlled below 5pc. High, low pressure coils are cast under vacuum and pressure, so that the resin insulation has both all-inclibration, and there is a layer of turns. The cast body has a dense curing structure, a prevention, explosion-proof, non-polluting environment.

The insulation material such as the glass fiber of the wound coil has self-extinguishing characteristics, and does not cause an arc to generate an arc due to a short circuit, and the high-heat resin does not produce toxic and harmful gases.

High mechanical strength: The resin with the filler makes the expansion coefficient in the cast body, small curing shrinkage, small inner stress, high hardness, high and low-voltage coils, epoxy resin inner and outer surface of the low pressure coil, placement The prefabricated reinforcing material has a dense structure such as reinforced concrete, so that the mechanical strength is greater than the pure epoxy resin, which can withstand the exploitation of short-circuit electric power and no damage. 



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