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S9-oil immersion transformer

2021-12-22 17:00:33

10kV level S9, S11 series transformer is a new product developed by Xuzhou Hengxi Transformer Co., Ltd., which has high technical content and strong competitiveness, which has good reliability and short-circuit capabilities. 


The core of this product is rolled with cold rolling oriented silicon steel sheet, no seam, lamination coefficient, increased effective cross section, and after vacuum annealing, it greatly reduces airborne loss and noise, enhances mechanical strength. In the coil winding, a soft-state copper line is selected. In order to ensure the tightness and circularity of the windings and the temperature rise of the windings, the axial oil passages of the high pressure windings and the main air spaces between the high and low-servants are supported. The choice of lead is: the current density meets the low loss requirements, not higher than the winding current density.

In the core, the upper and lower clamps are sandwiched by 4-6mm, and the wood pad is removed, the iron cherry foot is directly fixed to the clamp, which greatly increases the body's stability. The body is connected to the cover, and the traditional hanging screw structure is changed, and the crane structure is taken, flexible and reliable. 

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