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What are the common maintenance items of oil immersion transformers?

2021-09-16 14:29:42

Immersive transformer general maintenance new project:

First, project overhaul

Before repairing, prepare for maintenance programs and facilities.

Hanging heart, decorating ceiling inspector.

Overhaul allocation (magnet coil), power wire, carrying (not load) to separate the power switch.

Maintenance transformer coils, core screws, yokes, compact nails and grounding systems.

Cheap vehicle fuel tanks and accessories include: waterproof casing, storage tank cabinet (including rubber hose, diaphragm), pressure regulating valve, breathing mask, etc.

Put into the composite household appliance, disassemble, test leakage in various local parts.

Test and Experiments of Vanish Automotive Relay, Protection Equipment, Temperature Measurement Equipment and Specific Operational Control Box.

FRP Cooling Tower: Check the centrifuge electric motor, oil cutting relay, cutout valve, pipeline, cleaner, etc. to provide industrial equipment. 


The needed cable sheath affects.

Treatment or replace the transformer oil (a vacuum pump oil of the rated current above 110kV).

Cleaning the equipment shell, carrying out anti-corrosion solution spraying.

Detection and trial operation after repair.

Second, the new project

Check and clear the defects you see.

Test and tighten the waterproof casing transformer ground wire joints.

Put the oil in the oil cabinet episode cleaning, check the oil-rated quantitative table, and the waterproof casing, transformer itself and the oil power switch provided by the switching power supply will be required.

Test the sealing gasket of each region and treated water seepage oil.

Maintenance FRP cooling tower, tank, breathing mask, pressure regulator.

In-room sealing, inspection and disassembly of the cover sealing gasket, the inspection of the porcelain set, clean.

Various protective equipment, high precision measuring equipment and operation process control box maintenance, testing.

Experimental treatment of each oil pump and oil block.

The regular inspection of the separate power switch is subject to the specific operation experiment.

Check the ground maintenance and check the shield twisted pair of working pressure waterproof sleeves.

Clean up, overhaul car fuel tanks and spare parts must be sprayed.

Precise accurate detection and detection is based on the requirements.

The test and test report of the power switch in the transformer in the overtemonation period.

1 Accurately measure the isolation switch resistance.

2 Accurately measure the output power resistance.

3 Check the order of the power switching site.

4 Promoting the system and control equipment.

5 insulating oil experiment. 

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Contact: Manager Yang

Sales hotline: 0516-83252111

Mobile: 158-5239-9911

Website: www.cnhybyq.com

Address: No. 36, High-tech Road, Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province