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Hazard of core rust in dry transformer

2021-09-16 16:45:29

The core of the dry transformer is also very susceptible to damage, then the common problems often occur often is the core rust of dry transformers, then what is the hazard of common dry transformer core rust? Xiaobian introduces you.

(1) Maintenance safety tools and common tools: common maintenance special tools (active or sleeve wrench set, screwdriver, etc.), lifting safety tools, ground shake table (specification model 2500V), electric portable centrifugal fan, etc. .

(2) Maintenance process and specification (including experimental project) (1) Check of connecting heads of cabinets and transformers (1) Turn on the transformer cabinet, check the connection of all wirings, pay attention to the power-on spacing and his energized machine equipment . (2) Check that there is no super temperature, fading, and the screws have no sheds, and pay attention to maintenance of composite insulators.

(3) Check the wire connector of the cabinet.

(4) Is the part of the nuclear isolation head, the level and the standardization of the factory nameplate are not consistent.

(5) Remove high, low voltage side wire, pay attention to maintenance of composite insulators. 


(2) Clean up the transformer to check the cleanliness of the transformer. If there is too much dust collector, it needs to be eliminated to ensure indoor ventilation and avoid the insulating layer penetration, especially paying special attention to the composite insulator of the transformer. Above and the bottom end.

Applying a portable centrifugal fan or dry air compression or N2 blowing a ventilated dust, etc. It is not easy to reach the dust, and should not have dirty. Apply industrial ethanol eliminated in the case of stacked oil dresses.

(3) All-round inspection of the core and the outer inspection of the clamps. There is no super temperature, deformation, and the screw is loose condition. Checking the insulation resistance of the active carbon fiber to the core extruder screw. The measurement was carried out by a 1000V ground shaker pair of ground bolts, and the ground resistance is generally not less than 100moo wiring, and the conductor is inspected. Check the standard parts and connecting structural screws of high, low voltage side wire terminals and sub-connecting heads, etc., there is no rust, etching, and tighten the bolt bolts again.

Check of electromagnetic coils. Check that the surface of the insulator has no crawling printed or carbonized, damaged, cracking, super temperature, and fading. It is necessary to take effective way to complete the resolution. The grounding device condition is inspected. Checking a grounding device of the transformer core should be excellent. Temperature controller and temperature measuring components check, school inspection. Check of attach components. Check its terminal and wiring conditions, accurately measuring motor, fan and grounding device transformer, secondary resistor, etc.

It is of course short-circuit fault between the iron chip, the expansion of the vortex electric field, the iron loss, the iron core heat value is expanded, which will seriously endanger the insulation of the adjacent position because the partial temperature rise is too high, so that the transformer is damaged. Factors of core rust are mainly surface rust treatment to solve it is not very good, and rust in return. For dry changes, it may be that the pre-rust treatment is not clean, immersed (brush) paint is not complete, just in the software environment. For oil changes, it may be an oil return. 

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Contact: Manager Yang

Sales hotline: 0516-83252111

Mobile: 158-5239-9911

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Address: No. 36, High-tech Road, Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province