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SCB11 dry transformer

2021-12-22 16:50:45

The company's production of dry transformers is in line with all criteria, and the operation is reliable by the user. This series of advanced manufacturing technology, design drawings and technical documents are complete, correct, clear, production equipment, manufacturing process is stable, and the measurement means is complete, providing a solid guarantee for producing products. 


Epoxy resin cast dry transformer is manufactured according to standard "dry power transformer", the performance loss of this product is low, the energy saving effect is good, the economy is operated, maintenance-free. In addition to the advanced process structure, anti-short circuit, lightning impact level, it also has the characteristics of prevention, moisture-proof, dustproof, low noise, etc., can be deeply reached into the load center. Widely applicable to high-rise buildings, airports, stations, terminals, power plants, substations, etc. It is especially suitable for places where fire prevention requirements such as flammable and explosive use is installed.

The standard transformer produced by the company is no housing, the protection level is IP00, such as the customer needs to provide a housing of IP20 and IP23. The outer casing can be made of ordinary steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, etc. according to customer requirements, and treated with pickling, phosphating, spraying. Temperature control display instrument, load recorder is installed on the lower side of the housing, convenient for users to observe, safe and reliable. 

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