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Circulation and cooling introduction of transformer chamber

2021-09-16 16:21:29

When the transformer is used, the heat dissipation and cooling of the transformer is the difficulty of the key concern of the staff. Generally speaking, the cooling of the transformer is generally natural ventilation and non-natural to two prevention measures. Natural ventilation is completely supernatural, so that the outdoor vapor is introduced into the room and makes the indoor air quality quality out of outdoor.

There are two kinds of viability for such natural ventilation: a ventilated 1 ventilation effect produced by the tire pressure standard deviation caused by the temperature difference between the rooms and the high and wound ratio. Ventilation and ventilation effects produced by different wind speeds outdoors in the room. Industrial equipment ventilation industrial equipment is a ventilation that uses industrial equipment such as exhaust fan. Fan electric motors, etc. 


In order to better deal with the cooling and cooling of the transformer, the reasonable countermeasures of heat dissipation and cooling:

1. In order to solve the main change of the main change in the total shift, the transformer mechanical structure is first solved, and the split transformer, the transformer itself, and the heat sink extraction are used, and the total heat radiation area of the transformer is expanded.

2. Low the transformer, the transformer places a lower temperature in the room, and improve the highlight of the transformer cooling.

3. Use a non-consumption transformer to reduce the temperature of the winding.

4. Reasonably select the total window area. Each split transformer configures 16 sets of radiators, separately layout a room, and sets 2 2.5m × 1.5m ventilated blinds under each radiator chamber. The radiator is not on top, It does not affect the roving of the running staff to the heat sink, and it can ensure that the radiator has a short exhaust area, which uses natural ventilation. The transformer has a ventilated blind in the room, with a total area of approximately 15m2, and the aspect ratio is 1.5m, which is easy to run a worker. In this roof, 2 1.5m × 1.5m × 8.2m ventilation vertical wells are used to use the straight-air, and the basic concepts of chimney effects and the ventilation structure of the system reliability have strong heat dissipation professional capabilities.

5. In addition to drain-to-range and ventilation Smoke Fan Fund Allocation Operation. 

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Contact: Manager Yang

Sales hotline: 0516-83252111

Mobile: 158-5239-9911

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Address: No. 36, High-tech Road, Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province