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Do you know the type of coil of the power transformer?

2021-09-16 16:41:44

The coil is an important, complex prefabricated component in the power transformer, which consists of a copper (or aluminum) power line coil inductor, and is composed of a professional cable sheath prefabricated component.

Spiral coil

The main feature of the spiral coil is that the number of series power lines is large, and the line cake is wound into a spiral shape, and a wire cake is a one-turn coil. The spiral coil has a very good industrial equipment stability. It is widely used in a well-used performance, which is widely used for the low voltage large power flow coil of the transformer.

The spiral coil can be made into a single screw. Two-spiral structure and four-spiral three structures depending on the specifications of the total electric flow.

2. Continuous coil

The coil is a coil composed of several lines along the axial direction, and is referred to as a coil composed of straight lines that do not need arc welding spot welding.

The top points of the continuous coil is large, with large axial force, and the anti-short-circuit fault often see the fault work is diligent, and there is a larger heat dissipation professional ability. This type of coil is widely used in rated current or capacity. 


3. Tangible coil

The entanglement coil consists of several tangled straight lines (cakes). All is the coil of the entanglement line (cake), called a full entangled coil, widely used for transformers of 220kV and above working voltage. A portion of the coil that tangled straight lines (cakes) and a part of the continuous lines, called the entangled continuous coil, applied to a transformer of the working voltage of 66 kV and above.

Because it is inserted into the neighboring thread in the coil, it causes the lattice of the lattice, which causes the tangled coil to increase the longitudinal capacitor of the coil to facilitate the degree of damage along the coil axial height. The sexual working voltage is improved throughout the characteristics, so it has been widely used in a wide variety of high voltage coils.

4. Inside the shielded coil

The inner shield continuous coil is based on the way to connect the capacitor between the expansion lines to ensure improved destructive working voltages throughout. The structure is characterized by the addition of the additional capacitor line to the inside of the continuous straight line, and the edge of the capacitor line is tilted 45 degrees in the straight line. The capacitor line is not loaded with the current amount, only under the impact operating voltage. Effect.

The inner shielded continuous coil structure type has two span wiring, four-stage cross-line, eight segments, and segment joints. 

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Contact: Manager Yang

Sales hotline: 0516-83252111

Mobile: 158-5239-9911

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Address: No. 36, High-tech Road, Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province