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What are the classifications of transformers?

2021-09-16 16:26:34

Maybe you have seen only one, two transformers, in fact the transformers are different in accordance with the application field, and there are many categories.

1, according to the phase points:

1 Single-phase electric transformer: for single-phase electrical load and three-phase transformer group.

2 three-phase transformer: for the rise of three-phase system software.

2, according to the cooling method:

1 Do test transformers: Of course, the air convection is carried out, of course, cooled or increased from the center of centrifugation, mostly used in multi-storey buildings. The charges of the toll site and some lighting fixtures. Electronic circuits such as small volume transformers.

2 oil transformer: oil-based cooling substances. Such as oil immersed over temperature protection. Oil change cold. Oil soaking cold. Forced oil circulation.

3, according to the purpose:

1 Power Engineering Transformer: Used for the liter of the power transmission system software, down the working voltage.

2 instrument transformers: such as transformers. Voltage transformers. Used to detect instruments and relay protection equipment equipment.

3 Experimental transformer: can cause 髙 pressure to conduct an alternating voltage test of power distribution equipment.

4 Special transformers: such as electric furnace transformers. Rectifier transformers. Adjust transformers. Capacitive sensor transformers. Move transformers, etc. 


4, according to the form of windings:

1 Dual winding transformer: 2 rated voltages used in the linked power system.

2 three winding transformers: generally used in power system region substation, join three rated voltages.

3 Auto-transformer: a power system for connecting a different current. It can also be used as a general variable pressure or transformer.

5, according to the form of the core:

1 core transformer: a power engineering transformer for a pressure.

2 amorphous alloy transformer: Amorphous alloy transformer core transformer is used in newly absorbed raw materials, and the full load current is reduced by about 80%. It is a power-saving energy-saving effect, which is more ideal. It is especially suitable for rural power and development. Low load rate.

3 Shell transformer: a unique transformer for large working current, such as electric furnace transformers. Arc welding transformers; or for instrumentation instruments and televisions. Switching power transformers such as recorders. 

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Contact: Manager Yang

Sales hotline: 0516-83252111

Mobile: 158-5239-9911

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Address: No. 36, High-tech Road, Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province